The Kuba validator terminal

Goodbye, expensive and complex ticketing.

Hello, Clever-as-a-Service.

A modern, efficient and scalable ticketing solution, Kuba is the present and future of transport ticketing.

Our dynamic approach provides transport operators with a clever, flexible and customer-focused ticketing service that can be tweaked to any transit system.

Great choice!

Ticketing expertise +
innovative technology

That’s Clever-as-a-Service.

Ticketing should be as simple as ‘tap & ride’, but technology alone doesn’t create a great transit system. You need expertise too.

Kuba drives journeys in over 500 cities and regions across the world. By combining our leading-edge contactless ticketing platform with over 30 years of transit know-how, Kuba’s Clever approach minimises operator costs, speeds up boarding and boosts passenger numbers.

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At Kuba, we provide Clever.

Clever is an experienced team that understands operators and passengers, devises forward-thinking solutions and applies game-changing technology.

Clever is a solution that tackles causes not symptoms, adapts to changing circumstances and addresses tomorrow’s challenges.

Clever is a transit system that simplifies journeys, maximises operational efficiency and prioritises passenger experience.

People powered

Ticketing technology created by people, for people.

Our incredible team of experts research, develop and experiment with cutting-edge technology that delivers a dynamic transit system.

We put Clever at the heart of everything we do, so both customer and passenger experience is second to none.

We hire clever people who challenge norms, rip up conventions and help us deliver products that transform communities around the world.

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