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Kuba’s contactless ticketing platform drives journeys in over 500 cities and regions across the world. Our range of plug-in-and-play systems are deployed in a matter of weeks and seamlessly grow with operators’ changing needs.

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Account-based ticketing (ABT) is ticketless ticketing

Using ‘tokens’, such as contactless bank cards, smartphones or apps, ABT allows passengers to tap and ride without using a physical ticket. That’s because all the intelligence is shifted from the ticket to a cloud-based account.

ABT not only cuts operators’ costs by reducing the need for ticket infrastructure and staff, but also improves efficiency and passenger experience as customers can hop on and hop off without needing to buy a ticket or even understand fare-pricing.

ABT is key to integrated, seamless door-to-door transport (known as Mobility-as-a-Service or MaaS) as it calculates all the fares undertaken by the account across various transport types and ensures passengers pay the cheapest fare.

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A contactless card reader The Kuba card


We believe that card-based ticketing (CBT) still has a crucial role in public transport

Not all passengers have access to smartphones or contactless cards and complex card standards, such as ITSO, NDoT and Calypso, are fundamental requirements in some markets.

At Kuba, we can incorporate CBT into a next generation solution. By integrating CBT through our platform, we can enable enhanced reporting, data analytics, mobile connection and third-party integrations ensuring that a previous investment into CBT is not the end of the line.


Access your data whenever you need it

Traditionally, ticketing systems gathered data on servers or at a data centre. Accessing this information was not only time-consuming, but sometimes costly with ticketing companies known to charge transport operators to access their own data.

With KubaPay, we know the data is yours and we can provide it in real time, 24/7. Our platform also offers a range of data services, such as standardised reports, live dashboards and full data warehousing, as well as real data analytics so you can make data-led decisions on new services, routes and pricing.

API integration

Standardised and adaptable APIs

At Kuba, we standardise our APIs, allowing us to integrate with multiple third parties at the touch of a button. Many ticketing systems use bespoke APIs, which are costly to build and inefficient to maintain. At Kuba, we created our own set of APIs that can be deployed and adapted for any transport system. This not only saves time, but allows operators to easily add or modify components, such as planning tools or MaaS applications, without expensive redevelopment of the core system.

Passenger Experience

Tap & ride

Kuba’s platform improves passenger experience, footfall and revenues. Instead of long queues, multiple tickets and confusing fares, it’s simply a case of tap in, tap out.

Passengers don’t even need to understand the system to get the best fare. Our platform also delivers clean, contactless journeys and enables passengers to take the quickest door-to-door routes all under one ‘ticket’.